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Thailand secret shopper

Secret shopper service

Are you in need of a mystery shopper in Thailand? Perhaps you’re concerned with how your employees act while you’re not around or want to see how they deal with a customer complaint. There could be many different reasons that lead you to hiring a mystery shopper.

We serve a variety of different industries including (but not limited to) hospitality, restaurants, travel, tech, automotive, manufacturing, banking and financial, home furnishing, consulting and general retail.

Our agents have acted as mystery shoppers in many different environments all around Thailand. We have provided reports for clients in all manner of different sectors… From reporting on the conduct of staff at luxury hotels and restaurants, to visiting farms and documenting the welfare of animals kept there. We can go undercover in all manner of different environments and provide feedback to our clients in clear, concise reports which are typically accompanied by images/video.

We have agents from all different nationalities and backgrounds, whether you need a Thai person to conduct a mystery shop for you or a native English speaker, we can help.

When getting in touch with us regarding our mystery shopper service please include as many details as possible such as the locations you would like our agents to visit, the preferred nationality of our agent and any other requirements that you might have. We are always happy to offer a free initial consultation to outline how we’re able to help in your case. Feel free to get in touch with our team for a no obligation quote.

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