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Background checks in Thailand

Background checks in Thailand

We are a leading supplier of background checks in Thailand to both private and corporate clients alike. Our background checks can be used as premarital checks, pre-hire checks for Thai employees, or for many other different purposes.

Standard background checks typically reveal a number of different facts about the subject. We offer basic and enhanced background checks that can vary depending on the type of information you would like us to check. In addition to our standard checks, we can work with you to develop a custom solution where we can include different checks to suit your needs and requirements. If you require a customized background check then please let us know the different points you would like to check and we will try our best to find a solution in your case.

Pre-marital background checks

Standard premarital checks or 'Thai girlfriend background checks' typically verify basic details relating to the subject... If you need to find out the real age of a Thai woman, or check that your Thai girlfriend was born female for example, these checks are typically included as part of a standard background check.

Background checks also include factors relating to the subject’s lifestyle, such as details relating to any marriages or divorces. However, we can also include a range of different checks depending on the areas of concern for our client.

Due to the troubling prevalence of dating scams in Thailand, we are running more and more background checks on Thai people that have entered into romantic relationships with foreigners.

Thailand background checks can include any of the following points:

Pre-employment background checks

Pre-employment background checks are becoming more and more prevalent in Thailand, and it’s easy to understand why that is. Background checks have the potential to safeguard your business from fraud, theft, or otherwise nefarious individuals, and can provide a valuable sense of security that none of your employees have a bad character or reputation which could negatively effect your business.

Pre-hire checks and Thailand employee background checks would typically include a criminal record check and a check for outstanding arrest warrants. We can also verify that details which have been supplied by a subject such as their name/DOB/address are correct and that their identity documents are genuine.

Criminal background checks

Criminal background checks in Thailand

Checking an individual’s criminal background for any cases which concern matters of dishonesty is usually a wise undertaking for most business owners and can help to mitigate risk of financial or reputational damage to yourself and your business.

We are often trusted to provide criminal record screening for overseas companies and educational institutions; we also complete checks for overseas detective agencies and law firms. We have the capacity to check the criminal record of 1 person or 100 people, with the same thoroughness and attention to detail for each check.

If you require bulk screening then please feel free to get in touch with us, outlining how many checks you require overall and the number of checks you would like us to run each time. We will do our best to understand your requirements and offer the most cost effective solution in each case.

We have also developed our “corporate background check”, which can be used to check key data points relating to the subject.

Corporate background check

Please note: Our “employment records check” will reveal any employment records which are on file for the subject. These are not reference checks.

If you require a price for our pre-marital background checks, corporate background checks, or criminal record screening services, please get in contact with us and let us know which checks you are interested in performing.

We can also provide

Whether you’re looking to vet a potential employee, perform due diligence in Thailand, or require a prenuptial background check on your Thai fiancé before getting married, we can help.

Additionally, in business due diligence cases we often retrieve information relating to company ownership, share structure and balance sheets, as well as running reverse directorship checks.

Running background checks or retrieving documents might not always be the best way for us to proceed with an investigation depending on the unique circumstances in each case. Please include as much information as possible when getting in touch with us, we will try to understand your needs and offer the best solution in each case.

Why you should choose us

We are able to retrieve information and civil documents in Thailand for a number of different reasons. Whether you would like to run a police criminal records check on a prospective employee, or run a full background check on your Thai partner, or anything in-between; we are a leading supplier of background checks in Thailand for numerous agencies and law firms that are based outside the country. In order to avoid any additional fees or charges, please avoid any such middlemen and contact us directly. We offer free, no obligation quotes for all work.

Our goal is to provide a responsive, fast service. We respond to most customer inquiries within minutes or hours. If you have any questions relating to our background check service then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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