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Chiang Mai private investigators

Are you looking for a private investigator in Chiang Mai? Our agency has been providing discreet surveillance and investigative services in Chiang Mai for the past decade. We provide investigations for a full range of different cases, including Thai lady investigations, foreign men investigations, through to corporate due diligence (business investigations), missing people cases, background checks, criminal record checks and more.

Local contacts and knowledge make all the difference, and this could not be truer for conducting private investigations in a location such as Chiang Mai. Such is the nature of our service that we are often instructed by foreign companies to provide services locally in Chiang Mai. We suggest that you contact us directly to receive the best possible price without any additional fees or charges.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for a free quote. Remember to include all relevant information with your inquiry so that we are able to understand your situation and offer advice accordingly. Please let us know the approximate location where you would like us to work and any details relevant to your case that you think might help us. For example, in surveillance cases please inform us of the subject’s household address and their work address (if the subject is unemployed please tell us). In missing people cases please let us know if you’re searching for a Thai citizen or a foreigner, and any other relevant information. We will then consider your circumstances and let you know if we’re able to help.

Chiang Mai investigations

Chiang Mai literally translates to “new city”; it is the largest city in northern Thailand with a population of approximately 127,000 residents. Known the world over for its picturesque beauty and as a city with 300 temples; Chiang Mai also has a darker side with a thriving red-light district which consists of beer bars, ‘girly bars’, clubs, go-go bars, discos, karaoke bars and other nightlife establishments which cater to foreigners that are visiting the city as well as providing entertainment to local Thai men. We often investigate men that are visiting the city on behalf of their partners from countries around the world.

Similarly, if your girlfriend is living in Chaing Mai, we can help to check her activities and confirm that nothing untoward is happening. We can help to gather evidence of infidelity, or to provide confidence and peace of mind if your partner is not found to be committing acts of infidelity.

Infidelity investigations in Chiang Mai

If your Thai girlfriend or wife is living in Chiang Mai and you suspect that she might be involved in the sex industry (beer bars, a go-go bars, massage parlors, discos, nightclubs, etc), we can help to search for the truth with our affordable investigative services. We are highly experienced and pride ourselves on customer service. Our goal is always to capture high quality images/video during infidelity surveillance cases; we also offer an industry leading background checks service in Thailand.

Infidelity cases are not the limit of our services however and we are able to investigate people/businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Please click through the pages below to learn more about the different services that we offer or feel free to reach out to us through our secure website for a free quote.

Corporate investigations in Chiang Mai

If you are conducting any type of business with an individual or company that claims to be based in Chiang Mai then we can help to verify the legitimacy of the subject business by performing checks. We offer a range of different corporate investigation services such as carrying out site visits, performing due diligence, performing company registration checks, criminal record checks, and more.

There is often no "one size fits all" solution to performing corporate investigations; please explain your circumstances to us and we will do our best to understand your situation and offer the most efficient solution in your case.

Our services

Thai lady investigations

Are you involved with a Thai lady? We can help you to avoid romance scams and discover if your partner is cheating.

Foreign men investigations

As a global hub for sexual tourism, is your boyfriend or husband cheating on you during his stay in Thailand?

Background checks

We offer comprehensive and affordable background checks. Our detectives can uncover the information you need.

Bar girl investigations

Does your partner work in Thailand's nightlife scene? We can find out what she's doing while you're not around.

People finder service

Have you lost track of someone in Thailand? We often search for missing people for a variety of different reasons.

Corporate investigations

If you're doing business in Thailand, we can help to protect your interests by performing due diligence.

Insurance fraud investigations

Our agents can investigate insurance claims and establish whether or not they are legitimate.

Secret shopper service

Receive a comprehensive report on your employees or business with our mystery shopper service.

Starting an investigation

There could be many different reasons that lead you to requiring the services of a private investigator in Chaing Mai. Our job is to understand your requirements and offer the best and most effective solution in each case.

If you require our help with a service that is not listed on our website, then please get in touch with us explaining your situation and we will let you know if we are able to help.

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