Thailand employment history & Criminal record checks

July 9, 2020 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Background checks in Thailand can be used to check people’s circumstances, and we often include the service of employment/education checks as part of a background check. While employment/education checks are often perceived as providing a comprehensive view of an individual’s employment/education history; they are usually mere reference checks whereby you will supply a detective with a list of previous workplaces, and the agency will then make telephone calls to verify the accuracy of those references. In some cases this type of reference check can be a useful and valued service. In other cases, it might not be possible or a path desired by our client.

We are able to check an individual's employment history against official records - this service is different to the reference checks offered by other agencies. This employment history check is always run at the same time as a criminal records check.

Thailand criminal record & employment history check

At Bangkok Investigators we offer employment history checks which involves checking information against official records. This check allows you to discover an individual’s documented employment history and is always performed at the same time as a standard criminal record check - our fee to perform the employment & criminal records check is just 12,500 THB for 1 check. For bulk pre-employment screening in Thailand we offer a discount while performing multiple checks at the same time. 

Please note: The employment check is always performed alongside a criminal records check and we offer both checks at just 12,500 THB. We do not offer either check individually. In order for us to run these checks we require a photo of the subject’s ID card or passport. If you are not able to provide us with a photo of the subject’s ID card or passport then additional checks will be required in order to first verify the subject’s identity. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced team members for a free quote.

While we are also happy to verify an individual’s education/employment history through reference checks, we feel it’s important to be up front with our clients about the different checks that we offer. Reference checks are usually cheaper than directly examining employment records, depending on the amount of references that we are asked to check, and whether we are checking one individual or a group of candidates for pre-employment screening. We feel that explaining the difference between these checks allows our clients are able to make informed decisions and make up their own minds as to which check they would like to perform in their case.

Criminal record checks in Thailand

Criminal record checks are typically a good foundation for running a full background check or screening a potential employment candidate. Vetting candidates in this way can help to minimize your exposure to risk of financial loss or reputational damage to your company. Specifically, for those with a Thai girlfriend or boyfriend, running a criminal records check can provide peace of mind that their partner has a clean history. Our clients understandably enjoy a similar satisfaction with the knowledge that employees working in trusted positions are not entering their workplace from a potentially criminal background.

Pre-hire screening in Thailand

For pre-hire background screening, we recommend that a criminal records check is performed on your potential employee, along with an employment history check. We can also add reference checks, which can help to gain an understanding about the candidate’s conduct at their previous places of employment. Our Thai staff members are able to speak directly with any past employer or education institute with the goal of verifying a person’s credentials and gathering information on your behalf. Our fee for reference checks typically depends on the amount of checks being made and whether we are being instructed to perform reference checks as part of a broader range of checks… As such, we do not publish our fee schedule but prefer that our clients contact us on an individual basis. In some cases, physically visiting a place of employment or education might be desired; our fee for this type of site visit would depend on the location we are asked to visit. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for more information and a free quote. 

Other checks can be stacked onto a criminal records/employment check (or reference checks) depending on the needs and requirements of our client in each case. We can add, for example, an identity check or a household check as part of pre-employment screening with the goal of learning more about a specific individual.

Social media checks used as part of pre-hire screening are becoming increasingly common in Thailand and is a service that we predict will continue to grow for us long into the future.

Employment records in Thailand

If you need to check someone’s work history in Thailand then examining employment records can be a worthwhile endeavour, for a whole host of different reasons. Understanding a person’s employment history can, in some cases, allow our team to make further inquiries with those establishments. In other cases, our clients might choose to make inquiries with any past employers themselves. However, please note that we will not make this type of additional inquiry as part of our employment history check at 12,500 THB – additional fees would apply and depend on the circumstances in each case.  

We aim to help our clients wherever possible and support them throughout every step of the process, being on hand to answer any questions that they might have. We aim to offer the fastest turnaround times possible on this form of check, as well as boasting a fast and knowledgeable support team.

Thailand's leading background screening company

Our agency aims to position itself as a leading background screening company in Thailand. We are able to access official records in order to screen candidates or employees and check a number of different factors. We also offer background check screening which is suited as pre-marital checks. 

Background checks are becoming increasingly common in Thailand. We are seeing more and more employers add procedures to vet their employees; specifically, it is usually worthwhile to screen those working in trusted or privileged positions. Likewise, in past cases we have helped many of our clients that were in romantic relationships with Thai people receive valuable information about their partners, which has allowed them to make informed decisions going forward in their relationships. 

Please feel free to visit our homepage for more information or contact us with your requirements and we will be glad to help.

Thailand license plate checks (vehicle checks)

July 6, 2020 - Reading time: 6 minutes

License plate checks (or vehicle checks) can be used to find the owners of vehicles in Thailand. This check reveals the vehicle owner’s address along with their full name. Additionally, if the vehicle is subject to a finance agreement then the finance company’s name would be uncovered by a license plate check, as well as details about the vehicle lease holder. We have found through experience that hire purchase agreements tend to be common for vehicles that are purchased in Thailand, especially for high end pickup trucks and SUVs, which are often sold for upwards of 1,000,000 THB.

Our license plate check service can be used to check cars, trucks and motorcycles in Thailand. Our fee for license plate checks is just 12,500 THB including tax. We offer a fast and cost-effective service. Please contact us if you require this check and we will be happy to assist you.

Checking the ownership of vehicles can be useful in a number of different cases. For example, we have previously used this check on behalf of foreign men that are supporting Thai girlfriends. In some cases, the vehicle being checked has not been owned by the Thai lady herself but by an unknown third party - typically a Thai man (potentially the woman’s boyfriend). Additional checks, such as a background check or household check can be used to uncover additional information about your Thai girlfriend, business partner or employee. Often is the case that we are asked to run Thailand background checks and include a vehicle check as part of the service. Other times the check can be used in a search for assets or where contact information (name/home address) for a vehicle owner is needed.

Foreign made vehicles in Thailand can hold considerable value due to Thailand’s taxation policy on vehicles that are imported into the country. Due to these import taxes, the price for high end foreign vehicles (both brand new and used) in Thailand is typically magnitudes more than you might expect to pay in a Western country. Cars made by BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, Bentley, Jaguar, among many others, would all fall into the category of non-Thai made vehicles, which are subject to high levels of tax.

Our vehicle check service can be used to check the ownership of both cars and motorcycles in Thailand. Additionally, checking to see whether a vehicle might be subject to outstanding finance (hire purchase) agreements can be a cost-effective check used to protect yourself and your capital when purchasing vehicles in Thailand. Thailand vehicle finance checks (included as part of our standard license plate check for 12,500 THB), are often performed by our clients when purchasing a high value asset. If you suspect that a scammer might be attempting to defraud you through the dishonest sale of a vehicle, then in many cases performing a license plate check might help you to realize that you are being duped, and avoid capital loss.

License plates in Thailand

Foreigners typically struggle to understand license plates in Thailand due to the sanskrit letters that are written in the Thai language. However, license plates are simple to understand once you know what to look for. Each license plate typically includes the province where the vehicle was registered at the bottom of the plate, above which we would typically see two letters followed by four numbers.

Red license plate in Thailand

This car (photographed above) is brand new, and therefore it displays a temporary red license plate, while it waits to be issued with a standard white background plate with black text. Restrictions will apply to the vehicle until it is issued with its regular, permanent license plate. Special customized license plates which are decorated by photo backgrounds are also available at an additional cost. Diplomatic vehicles, and vehicles that are used by the police or military typically display special license plates that are different in appearance than those which are used by members of the public.

Did you know that license plates which belong to pickup trucks have green lettering instead of black? Unless the pickup truck has 4 doors, in which case it would be classified as a ‘sedan’ and sport black lettering on its license plate instead.

License plates which have yellow or green coloured backgrounds are seen on licensed hire vehicles in Thailand. Tourists that are hiring taxis when arriving in Thailand can easily check to see whether they are riding in a registered taxi, or potentially a private vehicle, simply by checking the license plate.

If you are riding on a motorbike taxi in Thailand, then it’s easy to recognize when you are using the services of a properly licensed driver by taking a look at his yellow license plate. It’s easy for tourists (or anyone) to spot the difference between the bright yellow license plate of a motorbike taxi (or taxi car!), verses a regular motorbike’s license plate, which has white background and black text. While scams involving taxis are uncommon, checking to see if you are riding in a vehicle with a green or yellow license plate can help to make sure that you are doing business with a registered taxi. This simple tip is designed to help you avoid taxi scams in Thailand.

Guide to license plates in Thailand

In order for us to complete our Thailand license plate check for you we will need to receive a photo of the license plate belonging to the vehicle that you would like us to check. If you do not have any photos of the vehicle license plate then we can help by providing surveillance (at additional cost). Personal surveillance can be used to identify and photograph vehicles, as well as gather information about a person or address. Surveillance can be used to check a person’s lifestyle and whereabouts. We focus on the Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket & Chiang Mai areas, however we often travel to other areas of Thailand when we are required to do so… Please contact us for a quote.

Please feel free to contact one of our experienced team members if you would require our license plate check service or if you are interested in any of the other services that are provided by us. We will endeavour to respond with a free, no pressure quote.

Free tool: Thai to Christian year converter

May 19, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Have you ever wondered what the current year in Thailand is? How does the year in Thailand convert to the Christian year? It's actually quite simple. Since AD 1888 Thailand has adopted the Thai Solar Calendar, which counts years according to the Buddhist era. This means that the year in Thailand is 543 years ahead of the Common Era system which is used in most countries around the world. The reason for this difference is because Buddha was born almost six centuries before Jesus Christ. Some foreigners struggle to get their head around remembering the year in Thailand, however it’s a simple change once you understand the difference and get used to it.

If you’re struggling to get your head around the different system used in Thailand then fear not… We have created this free online tool that can convert the Thai year to the Christian year, and vice versa. There’s nothing to download or install, our tool is available to help anyone that needs it.

To convert the year in Thailand to the Christian (Gregorian) year used in Western countries, just enter the Thai year below and click submit. Or convert a Western year instead. Enjoy!

Most common Thai girlfriend lies and scams

May 9, 2020 - Reading time: 7 minutes

Not all Thai girlfriends tell lies. However, many of the ladies investigated by us are found to have been committing acts of infidelity, and this usually entails telling some form of untruths to their partners. We have put together this list detailing some of the most common fibs told by Thai women based on our experience.

Lying about relationship history

If your Thai girlfriend has already been married to a foreigner and subsequently divorced, it’s not likely that she will be entirely honest about this. Women that are involved with “farangs” don’t tend to be upfront about their relationship history, and you may never fully understand your Thai girlfriend’s past relationships. We have seen many different cases that fall into this category. In one instance we discovered that a Thai lady was still legally married to her foreign husband; when she was confronted by her new boyfriend she claimed that even though the couple had split up she had agreed to remain legally married so that her husband could continue to (fraudulently) renew his Thai marriage visa. Lying about having been married can also help to create justification for requesting a higher sin sod (or ‘dowry’) payment, as women that have never been married tend to ask for larger dowries.

Checking the marital/divorce history of your partner is easy for us to do and typically included as part of a background check.

Thai girl scams

Lying about children

This might seem like a shocking point but is something that we see surprisingly often. Thai ladies that are looking for a serious relationship with a foreigner sometimes lie about having children. They might claim only to have one child whilst they in-fact have two or more. Knowing that their boyfriend is unlikely to visit the village where her children live means that it’s easy to get away with this lie, and in some cases Thai women can conceal children for many years if they weren’t upfront at the start of the relationship. We would typically check whether or not a Thai woman has children as part of a background check.

Lying about being a ladyboy

Some readers will find this point hard to believe and understandably so. While it might be a stretch to describe this lie as ‘common’, we have seen a surprising number of instances where this has happened during our decades of experience in Thailand. Ladyboys that have had surgery on their genitals can occasionally manage to convince their boyfriends that they are biological women. We’re not talking about men in drag here… Years of female hormones and high-quality plastic surgery can make ladyboys very difficult to distinguish from biological women. At the time of writing it is not possible for ladyboys to change their legal identity from ‘male’ to ‘female’, so if you’re having doubts, check your girlfriend’s ID card and see whether ‘she’ started off life as a ‘he’.

Lying about pregnancy

‘The Thai girl pregnancy scam’, as it’s known, is an age-old tactic that has been used for many years and will likely continue to flourish in the future. If a Thai woman is keen on you or wants you to take your relationship with her more seriously, then she might claim that she has ‘missed a period’ and that she is pregnant. Lying about pregnancy can be a short-winded scheme used to encourage the man back to Thailand or into a relationship, however we have seen other examples where the scam can involve fake pregnancy tests and doctors that are in on the scam. It is a particularly unpleasant scam that we often see unfold. If a Thai woman that you barely know is claiming that she’s pregnant with your baby then you need to deeply question her motives and whether or not she is telling you the truth.

Lying about debt 

Whilst it’s difficult for us to demonstrate this statistically, we have learned from experience that many families (especially those in the northern provinces of Isan) have debt, and sometimes significant debts with relatively high interest rates. We find that Thai women are not often honest about having financial difficulties early on in a relationship, for obvious reasons. It is thought that owing significant amounts of money can push some Thai women to work in the sex industry.

Lying about their age

In our experience it’s not uncommon for Thai women to lie about their ages when they are dating or looking to start up a new relationship. Their belief is that by claiming to be slightly (or a lot) younger they will make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex. Thai women often appear to be younger than they actually are, and with the aid of well applied makeup, this trick can work surprisingly often.  Whilst relatively harmless, this is another common lie that Thai women tell their foreign boyfriends. If you’re having doubts, ask to take a look at the date of birth shown on her ID card or passport.

Lying about falling in love

Do Thai girlfriends lie about being in love? Of course, and it’s easy to understand why. Those three words can mean a lot to some men and can really help to solidify a relationship. Foreign boyfriends are seen as very desirable by many Thai women and by claiming that they’re in love early on in a relationship, the hope is that this can help to form a strong bond with their partner. 

Lying about Thai men

There is good and bad in all people, and Thai men are no different. Some Thai men make caring husbands, some don’t. If a Thai woman tells you that ‘all Thai men are no good’, there is usually a reason behind her saying that. Why does she prefer foreigners? It’s also common for Thai women to be in secret relationships with Thai men whilst developing romances with foreigners. The lady might introduce her Thai boyfriend to the foreigner as her friend or family member. If you can’t speak Thai, it’s near impossible to figure out whether or not you’re being told the truth.

Lying about work/education history

We regularly investigate women that are claiming to be studying at university, that are not. Similarly, if a Thai woman has been working in the nightlife scene for a number of years, it’s unlikely that she will be honest about her past activities. Bar girls have always been working in the job for “a couple of months”. It’s easy to underestimate the lies told by a professional scammer. For example, if a Thai girl is a fake university student, she will typically fill her Facebook page with photos of her inside a university. We have seen women that claim to be working regular jobs at restaurants or cafes actually borrow someone else’s uniforms in order to pose for photos and convince their boyfriends that they are working there. The mentality that “it could never happen to me” means that foreign men usually fall for this type of scam hook line and sinker.

Employee background & criminal record checks

May 1, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Employee background screening

Employee background screening is very common in Thailand and it’s easy to understand why. Pre-hire checks are often vital in order to protect the reputation and well being of your business. We offer a range of different services that can be used to check the background of your prospective employees. Depending on the nature of the subject’s role in your company, and your own preferences, employee screening can range from basic police criminal records checks to full pre-hire background checks, and anything in-between. 

Employee background screening can include:

  • Criminal records check
  • Active arrest warrants check
  • Bankruptcy check
  • Reverse directorship check
  • Reference checks (education and work history verification)
  • ID card check
  • Home address check
  • Social media & lifestyle checks

Deciding to screen your Thai employees with pre-hire checks can be vital in protecting the integrity of your business and in many cases prove to be a very wise decision. If you are interested in running a background check on your employee please let us know which of the above checks you would like us to perform for you and include as much information as possible with your inquiry so that we are able to help and provide you with a quote.

Asset tracing in Thailand

April 29, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Asset tracing in Thailand

Asset tracing is usually a wise endeavor when considering whether or not to pursue litigation... If a defendant has no tangible assets then there is often little merit in pursuing them through the courts. Our asset tracing services will typically depend on the circumstances and information available to us; if you need help with asset tracing then please include as much information as possible with your inquiry so that we are able to offer a strategy which suites your specific needs.  

Asset tracing in Thailand can include:

  • Personal/property surveillance
  • Vehicle checks
  • Reverse directorship checks
  • Title deed searches 
  • Company checks

The New York times has described Thailand as offering a "magnetic attraction for fugitives”, with many foreign criminals seemingly deciding to relocate to the country. It should come as no surprise that many nefarious foreigners flee to Thailand with the intention of escaping their obligations by hiding capital and assets here. Spurred on by a false sense of impunity, it seems that many unscrupulous people relocate to Thailand and seek to conceal their assets here. 

Thai law stipulates that foreigners (or “aliens”, as they are commonly known) are not allowed to own land in the kingdom. For this reason, foreigners will often setup holding companies, typically with the help of nominee shareholders, which allows them to retain control of property and land in Thailand. These individuals will typically seek to retain directorship in their holding companies in order for them to retain a degree of control. The necessity for foreigners to use holding companies often makes their assets easier to locate than assets which are owned by local Thai people.

Reverse directorship checks can be used to check for any companies where a certain individual holds directorship, or has held directorship in the past. Once we have located any companies being controlled by the subject, we can then pull the company registration documents and take a closer look at its structure and balance sheet. Once a company has been located, we are often instructed to place the company’s registered address under surveillance with the goal of unearthing information and potentially locating further assets.

We offer free quotes for all work. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for help and advice on your situation.

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