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About Bangkok Private Investigators

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Thank you for endeavouring to learn more about us. We know from experience that selecting the most competent detective agency will affect the likelihood of success in your case, and the quality of results that are achieved. Anyone can build a website proclaiming themselves to be an experienced detective, and appear above firms which are truly experienced in search results using paid advertisements - indeed, we see such operators spring up (and disappear) on an annual basis. In order to avoid being scammed it is important to make sure that you are instructing a reliable company with a genuine, documented track record.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are just private investigators. We do not also offer web design services, consulting, visa services, legal services, insurance services, or anything else… We believe in the old adage that ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none’.

We stick to what we know and what we're good at, which is investigation - nothing more, nothing less.

It would be wise to research the company that you are hiring and discover the primary function of their business. We believe that detective agencies are almost always the best people to conduct private investigations.

Our goal is to reach the best possible conclusion in each case and to provide the highest quality services. We have long established track record of doing this and going above and beyond for our clients wherever possible.

DBD registered

You can instruct us in the knowledge that we are a DBD registered company and regulated by the Thai government.

Tutanota encrypted e-mail

Our e-mail system is provided by Tutanota - the world's most secure e-mail service. We encourage our clients to register e-mail accounts with Tutanota, thereby any e-mails sent to us will be protected by end to end encryption. E-mails sent to us from other providers are automatically encrypted upon reaching our inbox.

Bangkok Investigators in the media

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In 2022, 2023 & 2024 CleverThai rated us "the number one best private investigators in Bangkok".

Thailand private investigators raise alarm over increasing number of PPE scams - June 2021

Private investigators raise alarm over PPE scams

The onset of a pandemic marked a significant increase in internet based fraud, especially that which related to Personal Protective Equipment and medical supplies. We responded by creating awareness for the issue and offering an effective, low-cost due diligence service which served to help protect dozens of firms from internet based fraud.

Please note: In ~90% of missing person cases it is not a wise decision to launch an appeal through media outlets, for a wide range of different reasons, and we absolutely never disclose any confidential information to anyone without written permission from our clients. With that said, we have launched media campaigns under instruction from our clients, and what follows is some of our work in those rare cases.

US vet seeks lost love one last time - November 2020

Missing person in Thailand

In 2020 we were contacted by US army veteran Doctor William Bruce. Dr Bruce needed our help to find a past acquaintance in Chaing Mai, though he could not remember the lady's name and only had photographs to go by.

A preliminary investigation concluded with no leads, and we were then instructed to launch a campaign to search for the lady through social media, and eventually contacting media outlets with a view to bringing publicity to the case.

After details were published by several media outlets, a Thai language Facebook page adopted the story, and this accrued over 6,000 Facebook shares in the Thai community. The post was spotted by a family member, who confirmed that the lady was alive and well.

After more than 50 years, and armed with nothing more than a photograph, Doctor Bruce was able to speak with the lady and make plans to meet with her after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


After over 50 years, U.S. army veteran finds his long-lost Thai sweetheart - December 2020

Missing person found news article

Missing tourist found by private investigators in Pattaya, Thailand - September 2019.

In this instance our client wished to raise awareness about the potential dangers that are faced by inexperienced or otherwise vulnerable people in Thailand. While our client waited to hear back from other companies, we began our search within 9 hours, and successfully located the subject within 24 hours. We were then instructed to safeguard the missing person and ensure their safe passage back to the United Kingdom.

Thailand investigators in the media

Private investigators media coverage

Customer testimonials

Due to the personal nature of our work many of our clients are understandably reluctant to leave testimonials. We are grateful for all reviews which are left for us, please contact us if you would like to add your own comments to this page.
I don't usually post reviews online but just wanted to say a big thanks to Ian and his team. They did a brilliant job for me and helped me dodge a bullet big time. It was worthwhile hiring detectives as I have now saved myself several million baht if not more. Anyone dating a Thai woman should run checks as it can save you a lot of cash in the long run. Thanks again guys

— Mickey Davis, Blackpool UK


Very good and thorough service. Answered all of our questions and plenty more, they explained the system and processes in Thailand so that we were able to better understand the information available to us. When we reached out to other agencies they seemed reluctant to help and ignored our emails or send messages in broken English which we could not understand. It was great to communicate with someone that could properly understand English. We are very happy with the results and can recommend this company to anyone. Thank you!👍

— Fern Dobson


I budgeted for several days worth of surveillance but in the end they were able to get exactly the photos that I needed in under 1 day. They used a clever tactic which a lesser company would not have done. I was kept in the loop through every step of the process and they are very fast to respond to my emails, unlike other companies which had me hanging on for hours or days for a response. Overall I am glad to have chosen this firm. Thanks a lot guys

— Bernard Williams


We have received a lot of very good help and advice from the team at Commander. Countless emails were sent back and forth before we took the decision to go ahead, other companies simply ignored our questions or took a very long time to respond. Doing business in Thailand it's important to have good local people that you can rely on. I would recommend this company to anyone. Very good service. Thank you...

— Alicia Welch


I received some very misleading advice from a different company regarding documents that I needed to retrieve. Ian took the time to break everything down and explain it to me in a straightforward 'non BS' way. I went ahead and recieved the results in under 1 day. Honest companies are hard to come by and especially in Thailand. I would recommend this firm to anyone.

— Richard Slender


I contacted another agency in Bangkok and they advised me that any photos taken showing my husband with another woman would have the woman's face blurred to protect her privacy. This would have been no use whatsoever for my purposes. I used Bangkok Investigators instead and they were able to catch him within 4 days of starting to follow him. I now have photos of him that he cannot refute and they will be going directly to my divorce lawyer. The money that I have spent I will make back 1,000 fold through the divorce litigation. I was kept informed through every step of the process, usually with live updates, and am very happy with the service overall. Thanks a million guys.

— Francesca Saunders


We have been using Ian/Bangkok Investigators to provide us with services since 2016, mostly for due diligence checks and surveillance. We have relied on this company for many different tasks and received a superb service each time. I would only recommend this company for investigation services in Thailand.

— Judie Long


I am very happy with the service from this company and the work that was done for me. Thank you

— บัวพันธ์ ภูประวัติ


Did a background check on my Thai fiance. Good service and communication. Answered my questions about her previous marriage. Thanks a lot guys.

— David Evans


I am very pleased with the service I recieved. Great communication from start to finish and I was in full control of the investigation and the direction it took. Would recommend this to anyone. Thank you

— Micheal, Utah


Simple but effective service. I won't be sending any more cash to this woman now I know what she's up to. Your fees will pay for themself 100 times over. Thanks again and I recommend this company to anyone with a girlfriend in Thailand.

— David McCracken, Nuneaton


Best money I have ever spent. The videos of my husband are priceless and will be going straight to a divorce lawyer. Thank you so much for your hard work, I am really greatful.

— Jessica H, Australia


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