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Bar girl investigations

Bar girl investigations

Are you involved with a lady that’s working at a bar in Thailand? Perhaps you met during a recent holiday and have formed a relationship with a lady working as a bar girl.

Bars in Thailand are effectively brothels that also sell alcohol. Ladies working in Thai bars are expected to leave the bar with customers. They earn money each time someone buys them a drink, and the bar earns when a customer takes a lady from their bar by charging a “bar fine”.

It is very rare that a lady working in a bar will be honest about her lifestyle and activities. Common excuses among ladies working in bars include “I don’t leave with customers, I’m just the cashier!” or “I’m a manager at the bar”. We have found that these claims are rarely true.

Many bar girls are effectively professional liars; they have often had foreign boyfriends in the past and know exactly what to say to put your mind at ease and extract the most cash from your wallet.

If your girlfriend is working at a Thai bar and telling you that she does not leave with customers, this is very easy for us to check and verify. We can find out exactly how she behaves when you’re not around and report back to you.

Don’t be fooled and lied to! We are experts in this field and can quickly establish the truth, saving you time, money and heartache. We can check bar girls in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and in most popular areas of Thailand.

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