How to tell if your Thai girlfriend loves you

April 1, 2020 - Reading time: 8 minutes

How to tell if your Thai girlfriend loves you

This is a question that gets asked often… How can I tell if my Thai girlfriend loves me? While there is obviously is no definitive answer to this question, we have put together some signs that might indicate that your Thai girlfriend harbours strong feelings for you.

1. She wants you to meet her parents

Many foreigners gain an incorrect perception about Thailand and Thai people through hanging around in the red light areas of tourist geared cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Thailand actually has a very conservative and traditional culture. Seeking the approval and blessing from the lady's parents is seen as a necessity by many Thai women when a relationship starts to become serious.

Your Thai girlfriend might have had numerous different foreign boyfriends in the past, but how many of those did she introduce to her parents and close family? If she is eager for you to meet her family this is typically a good sign that she is taking your relationship seriously.

2. She prefers to spend time with you

Is your girlfriend keen to spend time with you? Does she turn down dates with her friends or family in order to spend more quality time with you? If your Thai girlfriend is keen to make time for you then this certainly a good trait to look for, and a sign that she might be taking your relationship seriously.

3. She doesn't ask you for money 

Does your Thai girlfriend love you or does she see you as a walking ATM machine? Well, if she is asking you for money all the time and constantly talking about money, this is usually a sign that the latter option might be true. However; we are seeing a growing number of Thai ladies that are involved with romance scams who never ask their boyfriends for money. These women understand that asking for cash is seen as a red flag by a lot of men… They will tend to build up trust over many months or years before asking for help with money.

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4. She talks about her long term plans

Does your girlfriend only talk to you about shopping trips and places to eat out? Is she concerned about the future of your relationship and how you will remain together long term? Or is she more worried about short term activities? If your girlfriend is making long term plans which include you, then this is a sign that she might be committed to you, thinking about your relationship in the long term and harbouring strong feelings for you.

5. She isn't constantly using her phone when you are together

Is your Thai girlfriend more interested in speaking to you or staring into her phone screen? While we all use cell phones on a daily basis, there comes a point where your phone becomes a distraction and limits your interactions with the people around you. If, for example, you are eating at a nice restaurant with your Thai girlfriend and for the duration of your meal she is more concerned with scrolling through Facebook or texting her friends, this might be a sign that she isn't very interested in you.

If your Thai girlfriend ignores her phone and tries to devote all of her attention to you whilst you are together, this is another positive sign that she might harbour strong feelings for you.

6. She is content with what you're able to provide her

Does your girlfriend ask you to buy her things and then become upset when you can't or won't? If your girlfriend throws a child-like tantrum when you refuse to buy things for her, this is definitely a sign that she might be more concerned with what you're able to provide her instead of your feelings and your relationship with her. A loving Thai girlfriend will accept the things that you're able to provide her and remain composed when she doesn't get her own way. 

7. She displays your relationship on Facebook

If a Thai woman's Facebook profile is filled with photos of you together, and her relationship status is set to "In a relationship with [your name]", this is a sign that she is taking your relationship more seriously. However, consider this point with caution as in relationship scams women often have multiple Facebook profiles. It is common for Thai ladies to have 3 or 4+ Facebook profiles, one profile for her friends and one for her family members... This allows her to hide her non-serious relationships with close family and friends. If a lady has two or more boyfriends then she will often have two or more Facebook profiles, typically one for each boyfriend.

8. She wants you to marry her

Marriage is important in Thailand. Often in Thai culture, relationships are not considered to be real relationship until a marriage has taken place. Getting married shows true commitment to one another and announces your relationship to the world. If your Thai girlfriend often talks about marriage, and wants you to get married to her, this is a signal that she considers your relationship to be serious and that she harbours strong feelings for you.

9. She passes a background check

Due to the prevalence of romance scams in Thailand, we recommend running a background check on your Thai girlfriend as your relationship starts to become more serious, especially if you have started a relationship after meeting through an internet site or app. Running a background check will allow you to check a number of different points relating to her, such as her marriage/divorce history, children, employment history, household, criminal record, and more.

If your girlfriend has been honest and truthful with you, and all of the information matches up, this should act as another positive sign.  

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