Can I trust my Thai girlfriend?

August 25, 2021 - Reading time: 9 minutes

Many Thai women are honest and trustworthy; however, when searching for a Thai partner you need to look in the right places and be aware of warning signs which might indicate that she is not trustworthy... Can I trust my Thai girlfriend? The answer to this question will depend on many different variables which we will explore deeper in this article.

It’s important to realize that professional romance scammers are just that – professionals. They become experts at finding foreign boyfriends and gaining their trust. The “Thai lady romance scam” will typically involve a Thai woman recruiting several different foreign boyfriends, who all believe that they are her only partner. When this scam is successful, it can allow the Thai lady responsible to earn vast amounts of money.

Most men will believe that it “could never happen to them”, and it is this type of mentality which helps romance scams to flourish and go undetected before it’s too late.

Thai girlfriend from internet dating

A person using a chat application on a cell phone

If you have met your Thai girlfriend through an internet dating site or app, then it can be very difficult to judge her trustworthiness. It’s easy for Thai ladies to tell lies about their lives and circumstances, if you have not yet met her in real life then checking the facts can be virtually impossible unless you hire a private investigator.

A large proportion of romance scams investigated by us originate through online dating.

If your Thai girlfriend works in a bar, and is frequently sleeping with different men in order to earn a living, she will never admit this on internet dating websites. Instead, the lady will claim to work a respectable job at a coffee shop, salon, or retail store, for example. Over the years we have seen many cases where Thai women posed for photos while wearing work uniforms belonging to their friends in order to make their stories seem believable. How can you find out her true profession? Most men will not question claims made by an attractive Thai lady.

Another common trick is for Thai ladies to lie about their circumstances. For example, if a lady has 2 or 3 children, she will understand that this will make her unattractive to many foreign guys on internet dating sites… Instead, she might claim not to have any children, or tell you that she has one child when she in fact has more. If you decide to visit Thailand then you might visit a city away from her family back in the village, or she might claim that she is looking after children on behalf of relatives. Unless you visit Thailand and can speak Thai, how would you ever know the truth? We often use background checks to check the circumstances of Thai women on behalf of our clients.

Taking people on face value is easy to do, especially if they are an attractive female, and romance scammers will take advantage of this as they use dating sites to look for potential victims.

Thai girlfriend working in a bar 

Bars in a red light area of Thailand

If your Thai girlfriend works in a beer bar, a go-go bar, or a club, then you cannot trust her, period. Ladies that work in these types of establishments earn their money by leaving the bar with clients.

If your girlfriend claims that she is working in a bar as a cashier, or that she “doesn’t go with customers”, the odds are that she is lying. Most of the time when we are asked to check on bar girls they are very happy to leave the bar with our agents, despite what they tell their boyfriends.

Bar girls are also more likely to be involved in romance scams. By working in bars, ladies are able to forge many relationships with many different men, and can earn huge amounts of money in some cases by having several foreign boyfriends.

Thai girlfriend lives in Pattaya

The sign for Pattaya Thailand illuminated at night

If your Thai girlfriend lives in Pattaya city then you should not trust her. Pattaya is known the world over for its night life scene and sex industry. There is estimated to be a staggering 27,000 prostitutes working in Pattaya.

Even if your girlfriend does not work in a bar, go-go or massage parlour, she could still meet men by ‘freelancing’ in popular nightclubs or bars. Many of the ladies that work regular jobs in Pattaya top up their incomes by freelancing in the evenings and at weekends.

You should also be wary if your girlfriend lives in Phuket, or on one of the Thai islands that are setup for tourists. Whilst certain areas of Bangkok and Chiang Mai also have large nightlife scenes, prostitution is not as prevalent in these locations as it is in Pattaya or Phuket.

Thai girlfriend has tattoos or smokes cigarettes

Thai woman with tattoos on her back and arm

While having tattoos or smoking cigarettes might not be a big deal for females in most Western countries, in Thailand either trait can act as a sign that your Thai girlfriend works (or previously worked) in the sex industry. For more information on this subject, read our article Signs that she is not a good Thai girl.

Thai girlfriend works at a massage parlour

A person receiving a Thai massage

Thai massage is famous all around the world. In Thailand however, there are many different forms of massage. There are traditional massage shops, where the ladies are usually found wearing traditional masseuse outfits, however, there are also ‘soapy massage’ parlours, and more informal shops which might offer more than just a simple rub down.

Women that work at traditional massage parlours typically receive formal training – they attend massage schools where they learn their trade, and can prove that they are qualified by showing their training certificates.

Shops where the ladies are not wearing uniforms are more likely to offer ‘extra’ services; however, traditional massage shops can sometimes offer additional services as well. Much depends on the discretion of the lady and the services that she chooses to offer.

Thai girlfriend attends university

A Thai university student

If your Thai girlfriend is genuinely attending university, then this is obviously a good sign that she is working towards a better future for herself, and that she is financially stable enough to afford her tuition and expenses. 

Ask yourself how your girlfriend is able to cover her costs – is her family wealthy? Does her family home convey relative opulence, or is it a wooden shack with a rusty tin roof that needs repair? If your answer is the latter, then you should question how she is able to afford university. 

Of course, we have also seen many cases involving fake university students, where some ladies will pose for photos in university campuses, while they actually work in red light areas. 

Check your Thai girlfriend

If you really need to answer the question of whether or not you should trust your Thai girlfriend, then we can help by running a background check on her and finding out if her claims turn out to be true or not. We can also provide other forms of infidelity investigation, such as surveillance. Much depends on the circumstances and the needs of our client in each case. 

We offer free, no pressure quotes for all work, and all contact with our agency is strictly private and confidential. Please get in touch with us with information on your situation and see how we can help in your case.

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