5 Common Problems with Thai Girlfriends

September 15, 2023 - Reading time: 8 minutes

Most relationships in life have ups and downs, especially those between members of the opposite sex. If you are a foreign man that is dating a Thai lady however, then you might find there to be certain differences between you and certain problems or disagreements which reoccur during your relationship.

We are often asked by our clients to conduct investigations on their Thai girlfriends. As such, we have an array of experience in dealing with the most common 'Thai girlfriend problems'. Let's explore deeper in this article.

1. She cheats on you

It should come as no surprise that as private investigators based in Thailand, we often see cases of infidelity during our work. If your partner is currently working in an 'adult entertainment area' such as a beer bar, go-go bar, massage parlour, or similar, then the chances that she will cheat on you are relatively high... If she lives in a resort town such as Pattaya or Patong, then there is also a greater potential for her to linkup with other foreign guys.

The prevalence of dating apps and websites provide another great opportunity for attractive ladies to speak with eager guys all around the world. If a lady is good looking or has a good figure, then she has the potential to grab a lot of attention from many guys online.

Asian lady

One of the most common scams that is often talked about concerning Thai ladies, is the 'girlfriend scam', whereby a lady will have multiple different boyfriends that all believe they are the only man in her life. Some of these guys may send money to her on a regular basis, others will send nothing and instead spend their money on her during trips to Thailand.

The goal for ladies with multiple different boyfriends is simple: money. Having multiple men that are head over heels in love with you has the potential to bring in vast sums of money - far more than some women would otherwise stand to make working in low paid or menial jobs.

2. She is dishonest about herself

Through our background check service, we often check all of the facts surrounding a lady and her current circumstances. Over the years we have observed countless cases where our client discovered that their partner was being dishonest with them in some way... Ladies lying about how old they are is relatively common, for example - some claim to be just a few years younger while others might claim to be 10+ years younger than they truly are.

Other ladies choose to lie about how many children they have, in order to make them seem more appealing to potential partners. In one case our client even visited his girlfriend's village and met a child there whom his girlfriend claimed to be a neighbour's kid. The reality was that the child was hers, and she thought that claiming to have just one kid would make her seem more appealing.

We have even seen cases where ladyboys claimed to be born female in order to start romantic relationships.

If a lady is involved in the sex industry, then she will probably never admit this either... She might claim to be a university student that regularly studies through the night, or that she works a normal job in a shop or café.

You might think that it 'could never happen to you', but the truth is that when ladies decide to lie about certain details, they will usually make the lie appear very convincing. 

3. She needs money

One of the reasons that many ladies from south east Asia decide to pursue relationships with foreigners is a perception that foreign men are more well off and will be able to help support them financially.

However, many women also understand that asking for money could be seen as a red flag by their partners, and will avoid the subject until they feel comfortable, or until they feel that their partner is fully committed to the relationship. Asian women are not stupid and will be able to gauge from your attitude whether or not you are likely to be willing to start helping her out with money.

A wad of US dollar bills

If your girlfriend works at a bar in Thailand, then she will likely need ongoing financial support in order to help move her away from that type of lifestyle... And whether or not you are currently providing financial support to a lady that is working in a bar; in our experience of checking bar girls over the years - the ladies almost always continue to leave the bar with customers despite having boyfriends or sponsors. 

If your girlfriend does not work in the nightlife scene, then discovering the truth about her financial situation could prove more difficult. Matters are not helped by the Thai concept of 'saving face' - put simply; if your girlfriend (or her family) are in a huge amount of debt or have some other big financial problems, then she might not decide to be fully honest with you about that in case it upsets you or puts you off her.

We can help to check all factors relating to Thai girlfriends as part of our romantic background check service.

4. She chooses her family over you

Family bonds are usually strong in Thailand, and your girlfriend is likely to be very loyal to her parents and other close relatives such as her grandparents or siblings. If your girlfriend's family need something, whether the request is financial or otherwise, your partner is likely to spring into action and do whatever it takes to assist them.

If you decide to marry a Thai lady, then you will likely also be 'marrying her family' to some extent. If you intend to have a long and happy relationship with your partner, then it would be a good idea to try and build an amicable relationship with her family. After all, if you decide to get married then her parents may request a sin sod payment from you, and being on good terms with them could result in a lower amount being requested.

If you are intending for your relationship to be a long term one, then it would be advisable to meet with your girlfriend's relatives as early on into the relationship as possible... Many Thai ladies hail from rural farming communities; if your partner does too then meeting your relatives could also present the opportunity for you to see their standard and way of living.

5. Cultural differences

If you are from a Western country yourself, then you might find there to be certain cultural differences when dating a Thai lady - or any female from south east Asia.

'Saving face' for example, is a concept which can be difficult for some foreigners to get their head around, and it can manifest itself in many different ways during day to day life. Your girlfriend might become very upset with you if she perceives that you have caused her to lose face in front of others... Making jokes about her in front of friends, or raising your voice in public, or even trying to teach your girlfriend things in public all have the potential to cause a 'loss of face'.

There are potentially many cultural differences that you might encounter during your relationship with a Thai lady - whether those are different attitudes concerning family relations, 'losing face', or other issues arising from a different cultural perspective.

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