Why is my Thai girlfriend ignoring me?

September 9, 2023 - Reading time: 7 minutes

1. Your girlfriend could be cheating on you

As leading private investigators in Thailand, we often investigate infidelity on behalf of our clients... For guys that do not live in Thailand, but are currently in a relationship with a Thai lady that does, one recurring sign of infidelity is being ignored or receiving the silent treatment.

If your Thai girlfriend regularly stops making contact with you for prolonged periods of time, this could act as a sign that she is around someone else that she doesn't want you to know about. Similarly, if she usually makes voice or video calls to you, but suddenly prefers to send messages, this could also indicate the presence of another man in her life.

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Of course, if your girlfriend is cheating on you then she will probably take the time to figure out excuses to explain her being unavailable. Figuring out what is truly going on can be very difficult, especially if you are thousands of kilometres away in a different country.

Other signs of infidelity include: Does she hide her phone screen when you are around, so that you can't see her messages? Is she secretive with her phone? Does she have multiple Facebook accounts? Is she reluctant to change her relationship status from 'single' to 'in a relationship with [your name]'?

If you suspect that your girlfriend could be cheating on you, then our experienced private detectives can help to check her lifestyle and activities by placing her under surveillance.

2. She is bored

If your girlfriend is ignoring you or begins to seem despondent, then perhaps she could be bored of your relationship or what you are able to offer her in the long term. If the lady has deemed that your relationship is not serious or that it does not have a long term future, then she might start to look for alternative partners.

Some Thai ladies do not consider that a relationship is serious until the knot has been tied through marriage; if a lady takes this stance then she may continue to 'see what is on offer' by communicating with multiple different guys until she has an offer to settle down and get married.

Bear in mind that attractive Thai ladies can receive a lot of interest from Western guys if they decide to signup for dating websites or apps... If the lady is good looking and has a nice figure, then she can expect to receive a lot of messages from interested guys.

3. There are hidden elements to her life

It's easy to believe that it 'could never happen to you', but as a leading detective agency based in Thailand, we regularly deal with cases where our clients struggle to believe the truth and reality surrounding their relationships and partners... Often is the case that our client would never discover the truth about their partner had they not hired us to conduct an investigation.

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If your girlfriend does not respond to you for prolonged periods of time, then this could indicate that there is another aspect to her life that you are not currently aware of... Perhaps she is being dishonest about her place of work or family arrangements - or there could be other people in her life that you are simply unaware of.

4. She is looking something else

If your girlfriend does not have the time to respond to you, then perhaps she could be looking for something else in your relationship. It is no secret that many ladies from south east Asia will seek out Western guys to form romantic relationships, as their perception is that white guys have plenty of money and are able to support them financially... Does your girlfriend (or her family) have an urgent need for money?

Due to the Thai concept of saving face, it is common for ladies to sometimes 'sugarcoat' the truth. If, for example, your girlfriend's family is currently in a substantial amount of debt with interest payments due every few months, then she might not choose to be upfront and honest with you about that. Instead, she might claim to have a big unexpected expense every few months that she needs help with, such as a medical bill.

If your girlfriend comes from a family of rice farmers, then she might also be responsible for expenses associated with her family's farm, such as buying fertiliser/pesticides and the costs associated with planting/harvesting rice fields.

In order to understand your partner's motivations, it's important to fully understand her circumstances - and this might not be an easy task if she is not being candid with you about her situation. In many cases we can help to check and verify a lady's story by running a comprehensive background check on her.

5. She is punishing you

Have you upset your girlfriend by doing something wrong? Perhaps you were out of contact with her first or she saw you speaking to or contacting another woman? Your girlfriend could be giving you the silent treatment as punishment for your perceived misbehaviour or to teach you a lesson.

Of course, if your girlfriend does have a problem, then you should ask her to talk through the issue rather than ignoring you and leaving you to guess what the issue could be. After all, being able to communicate with your partner is usually key to having a long and happy relationship.

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