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February 10, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

When we are preparing to check a Thai girlfriend’s background for our client then we first need to take a look at their partner’s circumstances and lifestyle. Checking your Thai girlfriend can take a number of different paths depending on the information you’re looking to uncover.

As a leading detective agency based in Bangkok, our job is to advise our clients on the best way forward for them. We offer standard and enhanced background checks as well as conventional ‘on the ground’ investigations and the best course of action will always depend on the specific circumstances in any given case.

Thai bar girl girlfriend

If your Thai girlfriend works at a beer bar, a gogo bar, massage parlor, or any similar occupation then the best course of action for an investigation would often be our decoy service. As part of our decoy service we can establish whether or not a lady might be leaving the establishment with clients or potentially having inappropriate contact with clients. We can find out if the lady claims to have a boyfriend or whether she might be looking to recruit multiple different boyfriends. Please be aware that our agents will never engage in sexual activity or contact during our work and that we must obey the law at all times.

Thai girlfriend surveillance

We can provide surveillance and see how your Thai girlfriend acts while you’re not around. We have conducted surveillance on men and women from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We can check your Thai girlfriend by providing surveillance for you no matter your partner’s profession or whether she is unemployed. “Surveillance” simply means to watch someone, follow them, and take images/video. We will then contact our client and explain what exactly happened in a clear and concise report which will include any images/evidence that were gathered during the investigation.

If you’re interested in receiving our prices for this service then please get in touch with us for a free quote. Please remember to include important information and details such as the exact area in Thailand where you need us to work, and the type of environment that you require us to provide surveillance in.

Thai girlfriend background checks 

Background checks for your Thai girlfriend can form excellent premarital due diligence. We can check your Thai girlfriend against a number of different points. We offer standard and enhanced background checks as well as standalone checks. We will always seek to provide you with the best and most cost effective solution in your case. 

Thailand background check service

Background checks are a recommended course of action before paying a dowry (or sin sod) when getting married, or simply to double check the information you’ve been told when entering into a serious relationship with a Thai lady. Read more on our dedicated background checks page.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re interested in any of the services described in this article or visit the Bangkok Investigators homepage for more information about us.

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