Need to catch a cheating husband in Bangkok?

March 18, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Thailand is often described as the largest hub for sexual tourism on the face of planet earth. With some estimates saying there is over 300,000 active prostitutes in the country, it's no wonder that foreign men visiting Thailand often cheat on their partners back home.

Is your boyfriend or husband taking a trip to Thailand? Most of the men we investigate are found to be cheating on their partners. Time and time again we have seen that foreign men visiting Thailand are coming for one thing: sex. The sex tourism in Thailand is so massive that anyone coming here on vacation would find it hard to ignore the booming beer bars, agogo bars, discos, massage parlors, and many other seedy places used for meeting women of the night.

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With reports of inadequate healthcare and lack of testing for sexual diseases, it has been said that men cheating on their partners in Thailand often become a health hazard for their partners back home.

If your boyfriend or husband is visiting Bangkok, then get in touch with us. We can help you discover what's really going on when you're not around. We are always happy to help and offer free no pressure quotes for all work.

How to catch a cheating Thai woman in Bangkok

March 11, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

If you're looking to catch a cheating Thai woman in Bangkok, read this closely. Some women in Thailand are professional scammers. Their aim is to meet with as many different foreign men as possible. Some aim to have more than one boyfriend at the same time, others will continue to sell their bodies to other men while their boyfriend abroad doesn't know about it. This video shows a good example of what we're talking about here.

The simple fact is this... If you're looking for information online about "how to spot a good Thai lady", you're never going to truly find out if the lady you're with is being loyal to you when you're not around. Remember, some of these ladies are professional liars. Relying on your gut instinct to trust someone that is a pro at conning foreign men might not be a bright idea.

So how can we help you to catch a cheating Thai girlfriend? There is effectively two different approaches that we can take.

  1. Personal surveillance: Surveillance is the term used for following someone around, tracking them and seeing where they go. We can deploy personal surveillance in most circumstances however our effectiveness will depend on the circumstances in each case.
  2. Decoy operation: This is when we approach the woman directly and find out if she is willing to spend time with another man. We can find out if she hands out her phone number to other men and if she says that she has a boyfriend, for example. This is usually a very quick and efficient tactic.

If you're worried about your Thai girlfriend or wife, send us a message explaining your situation today.

Does your girlfriend work in or near nana plaza, Bangkok?

March 4, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

If your girlfriend works in nana plaza, you should be very concerned about what she’s doing while you’re not around. If she works at a beer bar, agogo, massage parlor and lives anywhere in Thailand, experience tells us that it’s highly likely she is cheating on you while you’re out of the country. We have caught cheating Thai ladies in and around Bangkok and know how they’re likely to behave.

Why do some Thai women choose to work as prostitutes? Low wages maybe. A lot of women in this trade do enjoy their jobs and way of life with alcohol and foreign men. The fact is, if you’re looking for advice about Thai girls, reading information on the internet can only go so far. There are many professional scammers in Thailand. We’re able to actually check on a specific person and how see they behave, reporting back to you every step of the way. If there’s a high chance that your girlfriend is cheating on your while you’re out of Thailand, or even any chance, then it’s worth finding out the truth.

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Women that work in the sex industry and rely on foreign boyfriends sending them money or sharing expensive holidays; these women can become health hazards for their “boyfriends” as they continue to constantly sleep with other men.

If you’re involved with a Thai lady, we offer free quotes for all work. Send us a message today and we will be glad to help you.

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