Thai girlfriend statistics

February 13, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

You might find there to be a lack of statistics available on Thai girlfriends or on the subject of infidelity in Thailand involving foreigners and Thai women. Compared with other subjects these topics seem to have a lack of data backed statistics relating to them (this seems to be the case with private investigator statistics across the board). With this in mind we decided to compile our own data based on infidelity related investigations carried out by our agency from the period of January 1st 2019 – January 1st 2020. 

In line with our privacy policy and data protection policies, all data that was gathered in order to form these statistics was fully anonymous. 

Thai women infidelity statistics

These statistics relate to all cases as a whole which involved Thai girlfriends (or wives) that were suspected of cheating on their partners. It’s important to recognize that our statistics only relate to people that felt the need to engage the services of a detective agency to investigate suspicions of infidelity in their partner. Because of this, our information should not be used to form sweeping opinions relating to certain groups of people as a whole.

Thai girlfriend statistics

Thai bar girl statistics

These statistics relate to cases which involved Thai bar girls (women working in beer bars), also ladies working in a go-go bars and massage parlors. For our data these service industry type occupations were grouped together. This information suggests, unsurprisingly, that infidelity seems to be more likely where one partner works at an Thai adult entertainment venue.

Thai bar girl statistics

We recognize that individuals who suspect that their partner might be committing acts of infidelity are likely to seek out information such as this article (and others). We need to make clear that information available on the internet relating to infidelity should only be used as a rough guide, and should not be used to form important life decisions. 

Our experienced tells us that there will always be situations where an individual doesn’t match any of the traits, stereotypes or statistics that you might find online but that is engaged in acts of infidelity. There might also be people who are cheating on their partners but that don’t match any of the “warning signs” which you might find on the subject.

Our job is to investigate and find the truth. We will assess your situation and suggest the best way for us to help you. Please include as much information as possible when contacting us so that we are able to understand your circumstances. 

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