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January 2, 2020 - Reading time: 7 minutes

Disclaimer: This article has been published with full permission from our client. All names and details have been changed to protect the individuals involved. 

Let us start this case study by introducing our client, Steve. Steve works as a paralegal in Canada. He had not been in a stable relationship for several years and is woefully single despite spending several months on online dating in Canada.

During his annual leave Steve made his way over to Thailand. It was while lying on the beaches of Phuket that Steve decided to download Tinder and started flicking through photos of Thai women.

Steve quickly found a young Thai lady through Tinder (we will call her “Pok”). Steve arranged to meet Pok in a restaurant. After dining with Pok the couple made their way to a nightclub and had a great time together. After this night Pok latched onto Steve and spent the final 2 weeks of Steve’s holiday with him. She claimed to be working part time as a club promoter in Bangkok and was taking a break to catch up with her friends in Phuket. Pok never asked for any money during her time with him and of course Steve paid for everything.

Soon enough it’s time for Steve to get his flight back home and go back to working 9-5 days in the office. He returned back home and started planning his next vacation to Thailand. While back in Canada he is keeping in touch with Pok by constantly exchanging messages every day and making video calls.

Pok has returned back to work in Bangkok and after several weeks of constant messaging Steve has found himself becoming fonder of this woman. He is constantly sending messages to her and can’t seem to take his mind away from the lady that he met whilst in Thailand.

Steve is now finding himself in a relationship with a Thai lady. He starts doing research and searching online for information about Thai women. At some point he posts his story on a forum to get advice from other people.

The advice that Steve receives is not good. People are calling Pok a prostitute or a freelancer; others are saying that she is a scammer and telling horror stories of other Thai women they have been involved with. Steve did some research online into Thai relationships and the romance/dating scams that can happen here.

At this point makes contact with Bangkok Investigators to get a quote. He decides to run a full background check on Pok which reveals that she has a 6-year-old son. The background check reveals that Pok is not married and the father of her son does not live at her registered address in Isan.

Steve was very surprised to learn this. Pok never mentioned that she had a child and Steve never asked her. Steve was happy with the results of the background check and we heard nothing more from him for 2 months.

It transpires that Steve was willing to forgive her for not mentioning her child. She said that she was scared he wouldn’t love him and broke down in tears. Steve was a decent guy and decided not to walk away from her for withholding this information.

However, Pok had now started to act suspiciously and this prompted Steve to get back in touch with us to try and find more answers on his situation.

Pok would sometimes not contact Steve for a full day and when she did get contact him it would be with a feeble excuse as to why she had not called him or sent any messages. She would sometimes not make any contact with him for several hours.

Steve decided to place Pok under surveillance. After 3 hours of beginning a surveillance session our agent witnessed Pok walk out of her residence and ride a motorbike a short distance. After parking her motorbike Pok was followed on foot to a nearby Western Union outlet where she was seen to collect a cash payment of 30,000 THB.

Our surveillance continued into the evening and Pok was seen travelling to popular nightclubs. Inside these clubs she was drinking heavily with a group of her friends. 

At 14:00 the following day Pok was observed travelling to the same Western Union outlet where our agent was able to see her counting another transfer, this time for 20,000 THB. Steve had not sent her any money and could not understand why she would be collecting 50,000 THB over the space of 2 days.

Steve had paid for another day of surveillance and we proceeded to follow Pok back to the same nightclub she seemed to visit every night. This session of personal surveillance at the club was slightly different. Our agent photographed Pok cuddling and kissing another foreign man that she had met at the club.

Steve was absolutely furious and distraught to see these images. We concluded the surveillance and didn’t hear anything back from Steve, until one week later.

Steve got back in touch with us to say that he had been trawling through her Facebook page and discovered a different Facebook account had been tagged in some of her photos. This alternative Facebook account was in a different name and included photos of Pok with an American man.

Conclusion: Pok was working at a freelance prostitute in nightclubs while being financially supported by multiple boyfriends overseas.

This is a sad reality for many men that enter into relationships with Thai women. For a minority of Thai ladies, their objective is to meet with different foreign men and forge relationships with them. Some men will send money on a regular basis, other men might only send money when the lady claims to have an emergency or be in a dire need of cash. Other women have men which support them financially and other boyfriends that will come over to Thailand occasionally and indulge them during a short vacation. They don’t necessarily demand that all of their boyfriends send them money – some do, some don’t, some might send money in the future. Some might just pay for them to dine in expensive restaurants and stay in nice hotels during their trips to Thailand. Either way the lady has something to gain from the experiences.

We have seen situations like these countless times over the years. The point to remember is that none of our clients would never found the truth if they did not decide to contact us. Without involving a private detective it would be impossible to find out that the lady was involved with multiple different boyfriends.

If Steve had never contacted us and started an investigation then he would likely never have found out the whole truth about Pok. He could have been in a serious, long term relationship with a woman that had 4 or 5+ different boyfriends supporting them. 

The sad reality of this case study is that most men in Steve’s position would never have figured out that their girlfriend has multiple boyfriends and is actively seeking out more customers to spend the night with. 

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