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June 20, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Do you need to trace a Thai phone number? Perhaps a family member or loved one has gone missing in Thailand and you would like us to find out where they are, or to retrace their last visited locations before they disappeared in order to locate them and safeguard their welfare.

We can help to trace phone numbers in Thailand in order to find locations where the number was last active. Our fee for this service is 9,990 THB including tax. If we cannot trace the number then we will not charge you. 

OSINT investigations

How does your phone number tracing service work? 

As a leading private detective agency based in Thailand, we have developed a cutting edge method of tracing phone numbers which relies on 'OSINT' investigative techniques. This service is fully legal as it entails the acquisition of data through open source and compliant methods.

The phone number tracing service can identify locations where the subject's phone number was last active and can be used in order to locate missing persons in some cases.

How much is 9,990 THB in dollars?

If we are able to trace a phone number for you, then you will need to pay us 9,990 THB before receiving the results of our trace. We recommend searching Google for 'how much is 9990 THB in dollars?' in order to get a rough idea of how much this would cost in your local currency.

How can I order a phone number trace?

If you would like to order a phone number trace then please complete our contact form. We will need to understand why you are ordering the trace from us. If we are able to trace the number for you then you will need to pay us 9,990 THB before receiving the results.

Can you trace phone numbers from other countries?

No. This service is offered exclusively for Thai phone numbers.

How can you help to find missing people?

If we are trying to locate a missing person and no other information is available besides their phone number, then we would need to utilise a phone number trace in order to find any locations of interest. From there we can carry out site visits (this would mean visiting a specific location and interviewing people there), or place any locations of interest under surveillance. Surveillance would entail sitting outside the property for many hours and observing anyone entering or leaving, with the ultimate goal of locating the subject and collecting evidence in the form of photos/video.

Please note that our phone number tracing service does not include any site visits or personal surveillance. If you decide that you would like us to conduct either after running a phone number trace then additional fees will apply; our fees would depend on the location of the assignment.

We can use a variety of different techniques in order to locate people and find missing individuals. However, much depends on the subjective circumstances in each case. We are not able to trace all phone numbers, and in some cases the information may be so scarce that we are unable to help. We are not able to accept all tracing requests if the nature of the case does not fall within our company's strict ethical code of conduct. Suffice it to say that we reserve the right not to accept cases for any reason.

We offer free, no pressure quotes for all work. If you require our help to find a missing person then please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members, we will do our best to understand your situation and offer a free quote if we are able to help. Rest assured that if you decide not to pursue a case then all of your data and communications will be securely deleted from our system.

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