Thailand marriage scams

January 11, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

What are the marriage scams in Thailand? You might have heard or read about men being taken advantage of and losing large sums of money. But how exactly does this happen and how can you protect yourself when you’re deciding to marry a Thai lady?

Women take advantage of men all over the world and this isn’t a problem that is unique to Thailand. However, with thousands of foreign men seeking romance in Thailand there is inevitably a subset of women that look to take advantage of their relationships.

The scams

There are many different ways that you can lose money when entering a marriage. For example, after paying a large dowry payment to your wife’s family, there is nothing to stop her from kicking you out of her life and disappearing. The money paid to her family at the time of getting married was a gift and you (usually) have no claim to it.

Other scams are more sophisticated. For example, we have seen a case where a man living overseas was sending his girlfriend money to build a house while he was out of the country. He planned to move into this house and live with her. Over several months he transferred 10,000,000+ THB to her. When he traveled back to Thailand to meet her and see this house, she blocked his Facebook account and blocked his phone number. Investigation by our company revealed that the lady never built any property and was living with a different foreign man. She had used images downloaded from the internet to convince him that she was building a property.

We have seen another situation where a man living in Thailand decided to buy a brand new SUV. His girlfriend convinced him that foreigners are not able to own vehicles in Thailand and so he placed the car in her name. Shortly afterwards the couple separated and he lost a considerable amount of money… the car wasn’t registered to him and he had no claim to it.

Due to laws in Thailand which mean that foreigners can’t own land or companies, it can be easy for unscrupulous women to gain the advantage during a breakup.

What to look out for

We could write a book listing warning signs in a relationship, the simple fact is that most men falling victim to any type of romance scam will never find out they are being scammed until it’s too late, and that’s the beauty of it. Most men are blinded by love and the lust for their relationship to continue that they will never pay attention to the huge warning signs staring them in the face.

Look out for small signs such as your girlfriend not allowing you access to her phone and hiding her phone screen. Does she make suspicious phone calls? Does she disappear for any length of time and not account for where she has been? Does all of her social media accounts include photos of both of you together? Are you marked as "in a relationship" with her on social media?

With such a wide variety of different scams, it would be very difficult to protect yourself without seeking professional help.

How to protect yourself

We would recommend performing a full background check on your partner as a good starting point. However, depending on your situation there may be other ways for us to help you. As a leading detective agency based in Bangkok, it’s our job to examine your circumstances and advise the best way that we can help to investigate your partner. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members today for help and advice.

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