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Background checks in Thailand can be used to check people’s circumstances, and we often include the service of employment/education checks as part of a background check. While employment/education checks are often perceived as providing a comprehensive view of an individual’s employment/education history; they are usually mere reference checks whereby you will supply a detective with a list of previous workplaces, and the agency will then make telephone calls to verify the accuracy of those references. In some cases this type of reference check can be a useful and valued service. In other cases, it might not be possible or a path desired by our client.

We are able to check an individual's employment history against official records - this service is different to the reference checks offered by other agencies. This employment history check is always run at the same time as a criminal records check.

At Bangkok Investigators we offer employment history checks which involves checking information against official records. This check allows you to discover an individual’s documented employment history and is always performed at the same time as a standard criminal record check - our fee to perform the employment & criminal records check is just 10,500 THB for 1 check. For bulk pre-employment screening in Thailand we offer discounts while performing multiple checks at the same time. 

Please note: The employment check is always performed alongside a criminal records check and we offer both checks at just 10,500 THB. We do not offer either check individually. In order for us to run these checks we require a photo of the subject’s ID card or passport. If you are not able to provide us with a photo of the subject’s ID card or passport then additional checks will be required in order to first verify the subject’s identity. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced team members for a free quote.

While we are also happy to verify an individual’s education/employment history through reference checks, we feel it’s important to be up front with our clients about the different checks that we offer. Reference checks are usually cheaper than directly examining employment records, depending on the amount of references that we are asked to check, and whether we are checking one individual or a group of candidates for pre-employment screening. We feel that explaining the difference between these checks allows our clients are able to make informed decisions and make up their own minds as to which check they would like to perform in their case.

Criminal record checks in Thailand

Criminal record checks are typically a good foundation for running a full background check or screening a potential employment candidate. Vetting candidates in this way can help to minimize your exposure to risk of financial loss or reputational damage to your company. Specifically, for those with a Thai girlfriend or boyfriend, running a criminal records check can provide peace of mind that their partner has a clean history. Our clients understandably enjoy a similar satisfaction with the knowledge that employees working in trusted positions are not entering their workplace from a potentially criminal background.

Pre-hire screening in Thailand

For pre-hire background screening, we recommend that a criminal records check is performed on your potential employee, along with an employment history check. We can also add reference checks, which can help to gain an understanding about the candidate’s conduct at their previous places of employment. Our Thai staff members are able to speak directly with any past employer or education institute with the goal of verifying a person’s credentials and gathering information on your behalf. Our fee for reference checks typically depends on the amount of checks being made and whether we are being instructed to perform reference checks as part of a broader range of checks… As such, we do not publish our fee schedule but prefer that our clients contact us on an individual basis. In some cases, physically visiting a place of employment or education might be desired; our fee for this type of site visit would depend on the location we are asked to visit. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for more information and a free quote. 

Other checks can be stacked onto a criminal records/employment check (or reference checks) depending on the needs and requirements of our client in each case. We can add, for example, an identity check or a household check as part of pre-employment screening with the goal of learning more about a specific individual.

Social media checks used as part of pre-hire screening are becoming increasingly common in Thailand and is a service that we predict will continue to grow for us long into the future.

Employment records in Thailand

If you need to check someone’s work history in Thailand then examining employment records can be a worthwhile endeavour, for a whole host of different reasons. Understanding a person’s employment history can, in some cases, allow our team to make further inquiries with those establishments. In other cases, our clients might choose to make inquiries with any past employers themselves. However, please note that we will not make this type of additional inquiry as part of our employment history check at 10,500 THB – additional fees would apply and depend on the circumstances in each case.  

We aim to help our clients wherever possible and support them throughout every step of the process, being on hand to answer any questions that they might have. We aim to offer the fastest turnaround times possible on this form of check, as well as boasting a fast and knowledgeable support team.

Thailand's leading background screening company

Our agency aims to position itself as a leading background screening company in Thailand. We are able to access official records in order to screen candidates or employees and check a number of different factors. We also offer background check screening which is suited as pre-marital checks. 

Background checks are becoming increasingly common in Thailand. We are seeing more and more employers add procedures to vet their employees; specifically, it is usually worthwhile to screen those working in trusted or privileged positions. Likewise, in past cases we have helped many of our clients that were in romantic relationships with Thai people receive valuable information about their partners, which has allowed them to make informed decisions going forward in their relationships. 

Please feel free to visit our homepage for more information or contact us with your requirements and we will be glad to help.

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