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October 27, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Our fee to perform basic due diligence is 3,000 THB including tax. Please contact us if you would like to order basic due diligence or require other services and we will do our best to help you.

Thailand company search

We will perform a Thailand company search as part of our basic due diligence service. Searching for the subject’s company allows us to verify whether the business is a registered company or a sole trader. As a general rule of thumb, most legitimate businesses in Thailand establish themselves as registered companies… If you are aiming to perform due diligence checks on a supplier then verifying that their business is registered would be a good first step. We also verify that the subject business’s bank account is held by the name of their registered company as part of our basic due diligence checks. 

Over the years we have seen numerous fake invoices that have been sent out by fraudsters claiming to be legitimate businesses operating in Thailand. We have also been contacted by numerous people that have fallen victim to fraudsters. Tracking down the perpetrators of fraud after you have sent money abroad can be extremely difficult or impossible in some cases; we always prefer to help our clients by performing checks before a transaction has taken place. 

The “advance fee scam”, where money is taken as a deposit or part-payment for an order before the fraudster disappears, is very prevalent on the internet and internet-based trading platforms. The advance fee scam can involve the victims purchasing paper products, tires, medical supplies, clothing, electronics, food, or any goods or commodities which are in demand.

Checking suppliers in Thailand

If you are purchasing goods or products from Thailand (or any country in the world), then it is always a wise decision to perform suitable checks before going ahead. We have saved our clients vast amounts of money by advising them against paying invoices which did not appear to be legitimate. 

Fraudsters consider their work to be a full-time occupation, their goal is to make themselves appear as legitimate as possible by crafting professional websites and pro-forma invoices. Once a scam artist has received a deposit or part-payment for an order, they will simply disappear. Recovering money from fraudsters can be extremely difficult and, in many cases, impossible, which makes performing checks before sending money abroad all the more important. Due diligence checks can save you considerable amounts of money by alerting you to this type of fraud.

Due diligence checks can take many different forms. One of the best and most common methods to check suppliers is through carrying out site visits. We can visit businesses based in Thailand in order to check that they exist and that the items you are purchasing are held by them. Site visits can be carried out instead of our basic due diligence service or in addition to it; if you would like a quote for us to carry out a site visit then please get in touch with us and include the exact address you would like us to visit, this will allow us to calculate our travel times and offer you a quote.

Our basic due diligence checks are a cost-effective means to check that you are doing business with a registered company in Thailand. These checks also typically reveal when a company or business was first established, and whether the company has been subject to negative publicity. We can also carry out business background checks, criminal records checks, personal surveillance, depending on your needs and requirements.

We offer a range of investigative services in Thailand which are regularly used by overseas corporations, law firms, investigators, investors, private individuals, and more. 

How to proceed

If you would like to order basic due diligence from us then we will need you to send us the pro-forma invoice that you have received from the subject business, along with any other information that you hold on them (payment information, website, address, or other details). We will then arrange payment and proceed to run the checks for you as quickly and discreetly as possible. After we have completed the checks we will send you a report via e-mail with any information that was discovered.

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