How to catch a cheating Thai woman in Bangkok

March 11, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

If you're looking to catch a cheating Thai woman in Bangkok, read this closely. Some women in Thailand are professional scammers. Their aim is to meet with as many different foreign men as possible. Some aim to have more than one boyfriend at the same time, others will continue to sell their bodies to other men while their boyfriend abroad doesn't know about it. This video shows a good example of what we're talking about here.

The simple fact is this... If you're looking for information online about "how to spot a good Thai lady", you're never going to truly find out if the lady you're with is being loyal to you when you're not around. Remember, some of these ladies are professional liars. Relying on your gut instinct to trust someone that is a pro at conning foreign men might not be a bright idea.

So how can we help you to catch a cheating Thai girlfriend? There is effectively two different approaches that we can take.

  1. Personal surveillance: Surveillance is the term used for following someone around, tracking them and seeing where they go. We can deploy personal surveillance in most circumstances however our effectiveness will depend on the circumstances in each case.
  2. Decoy operation: This is when we approach the woman directly and find out if she is willing to spend time with another man. We can find out if she hands out her phone number to other men and if she says that she has a boyfriend, for example. This is usually a very quick and efficient tactic.

If you're worried about your Thai girlfriend or wife, send us a message explaining your situation today.


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