How to break up with your Thai girlfriend

April 1, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

If you're looking to break up with your Thai girlfriend or wife, we advise you to be careful on how you do it. If you're supporting her with money then by ending your relationship you will also be hurting her pocketbook, and this can escalate the damage caused by a breakup even further. 

It’s important when breaking up with a Thai woman that you don’t try to humiliate her in front of other people. Causing a Thai lady to lose face can be dangerous at the best of times; embarrassing her in front of her peers when calling an end to your relationship might just tip her over the edge and put you in danger. 

When breaking up with a Thai lady, we recommend enlisting the help of an impartial third party to help mediate between you and keep things calm. This could be a mutual friend or associate acting as a voice of reason.

On the legal side of things it might prove wise to seek advice from a qualified lawyer to see where you stand. Even if you aren’t legally married in Thailand, we have seen cases in the past where a “de facto” marriage has been ruled and assets awarded based on this. Breaking up can be a complicated affair and you will need to seek legal counsel for advice pertaining to your situation.

As a leading detective agency based in Bangkok, we have seen breakups between our clients and their spouses time and time again. We always advise people to be careful when ending relationships with their partners, especially if you’re confronting them with hard evidence that has been collected by us.

Some Thai ladies are very amicable and you’ll be able to walk away from them without a problem. Others might react badly, even resorting to violence. Always be considerate of your partner’s emotions when breaking up. Avoid heated arguments by walking away from the situation and giving yourself a break. You will never win an argument with a Thai woman no matter how hard you try or how loud you shout.

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