Girlfriend working at a Thai massage parlor

March 16, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Is your girlfriend working at a massage parlor in Thailand? While on the fact of it this can seem like a humble occupation, many ladies working in the trade also provide more illicit services to their clients. Figuring out whether or not your girlfriend might be doing this can be quite difficult.

Is she providing massages “with extras”?

Being a masseuse is a skilled job and a noble profession; however the occupation can have a darker side with an underlying link to the sex trade in many different countries around the world. Thailand is no exception to this link with masseuses being said to provide varying levels of “extras” at certain parlors around the country.

Masseuses in Thailand typically undergo training and receive certificates which certify them as being qualified to provide massages. They are usually found wearing traditional uniforms, though many massage shops have a more relaxed dress policy and sometimes the women can be found wearing their own clothes. 

“Soapy massage” parlors tend to be more well known for other services rather than massages. Traditional Thai massage shops where the ladies are found in traditional uniforms are more likely to provide massages without any extras however we know from experience that it’s virtually impossible to determine this simply from looking at the store and the women working there.

We have investigated women in “traditional” style stores that were offering extra services… The decision to provide extras is often down to the ladies themselves. What takes place behind the privacy of a curtain (or a private room) is ultimately at the lady’s discretion. Judging the type of services provided by a massage parlor by looking at it from the outside is in most cases not possible.  

How we can help

We have investigated literally hundreds of ladies working in Thai massage parlors. Our goal is to seek out the subject (typically your girlfriend or spouse), we then solicit a massage and see whether or not extra services are being offered. Suffice it to say that our agents will never engage in improper conduct with the subject. We can however discover the type of services on offer and report this back to our clients.

If you are involved with a Thai lady then another area of concern for us is whether the lady might be involved with “romance scams” which can be prevalent in certain areas of the country. Romance scams typically involve the lady having multiple different boyfriends overseas, all of which believe that they are the lady’s only partner. If the lady provides us with her phone number and tells us that she’s single then this would typically act as a red flag.

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