Employee background & criminal record checks

May 1, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Employee background screening

Employee background screening is very common in Thailand and it’s easy to understand why. Pre-hire checks are often vital in order to protect the reputation and well being of your business. We offer a range of different services that can be used to check the background of your prospective employees. Depending on the nature of the subject’s role in your company, and your own preferences, employee screening can range from basic police criminal records checks to full pre-hire background checks, and anything in-between. 

Employee background screening can include:

  • Criminal records check
  • Active arrest warrants check
  • Bankruptcy check
  • Reverse directorship check
  • Reference checks (education and work history verification)
  • ID card check
  • Home address check
  • Social media & lifestyle checks

Deciding to screen your Thai employees with pre-hire checks can be vital in protecting the integrity of your business and in many cases prove to be a very wise decision. If you are interested in running a background check on your employee please let us know which of the above checks you would like us to perform for you and include as much information as possible with your inquiry so that we are able to help and provide you with a quote.

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