Check if a Thai lady has children

February 9, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Do you want to check to see if a Thai lady has children? We are seeing a growing number of our clients discover that their Thai girlfriend had children which they didn’t know about. 

We have seen cases where Thai ladies have several children which they conceal from their boyfriends for sometimes long periods. We have also processed cases where we found the child’s father living at the same address with the children.

We can find out if your Thai girlfriend has kids, whether she is married, has a criminal background, whether the child’s father lives with her children, and similar points. This type of information would be uncovered by us running a background check on your Thai girlfriend. Background checks can be excellent tools to check your Thai girlfriend’s family circumstances and whether or not she has kids registered at her home address. We offer standard and enhanced background checks as well as standalone checks.

These checks are excellent tools that can be used to protect yourself against so called “romance scams” which are prevalent in some part of the world. Finding out whether or not a Thai girlfriend is married or has kids can give you the peace of mind to continue in a relationship. After all, who wants to be involved in a relationship with a woman that has multiple different boyfriends or partners? Background checks can help to build up a picture of your girlfriend and we will work with you to suggest the most effective type of checks in your case.

We provide free quotes for all work. If you are interested in running a full background check or individual checks on your Thai girlfriend or partner then feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for a free quote. Please include as much information and details as possible when reaching out to us so that we are able to help with your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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