Cheating husband in Bangkok

January 14, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Is your husband cheating on your while travelling in Bangkok? Due to the overwhelming scale of the sex industry in Thailand some men can find the temptation to spend time with prostitutes hard to resist. There are thousands of prostitutes working in tourist-geared areas of the city (and across Thailand); prostitutes can be found in all beer bars, in massage parlors, go-go bars, karaoke bars, nightclubs, on the side of the road and in many other different places. As a leading detective agency based in Bangkok we have caught many foreign men that were cheating on their partners back home while visiting Thailand.

Bangkok is a hub for sexual tourism

Bangkok is known around the world as being a global hub for sexual tourism. Estimates predict that there is anywhere between 800,000 to 2+ million prostitutes working in Thailand. As prostitution is illegal in Thailand, there is little accurate data on the trade.

Men that solicit the services of prostitutes while in Thailand can often become walking health hazards to their partners back home. As the trade is illegal and unregulated, many establishments do not practice testing for sexually transmitted diseases as there is currently no obligation for them to do so.

How we can help

Our team is well experienced at investigating men visiting Thailand. We will take a look at the situation and information available to us and offer a strategy on how best we can help. Please be assured that we will handle your case discreetly and in total confidence. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members for a free quote.

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